Passerine & Songbird Gifts


Welcome to the Julian Friers passerine collection!

All fans of the outdoors can attest that beauty does not only lie in what we can see around us, but what we can hear also! And what sound is more comforting on a fresh spring morning than natures hearty little vocalists, the passerines.

Julian has paid homage to a selection of Britain’s most beautiful birds, through his series of songbird paintings. The passerine artwork has now been added to a range of high-quality kitchen and homeware items, giving the perfect selection of original songbird gifts.

These little birds do not do all that singing to keep our ears happy; it is their way of communicating socially. The male songbirds use their beautiful vocalizations to attract females, warn off others from their territory and as a threat if they get into a scuffle!

These birds are helpful for farmers too! They consume millions of insects that if left alone, would damage crops and trees. Some of the birds can devour as many as 300 insects per day!

The Julian Friers songbird collection provides original gift options for people who love the outdoors. Whether it is summer days spent on your veranda, watching the birds flutter around the bird feeder, or long walks in the open countryside, Julian’s unique songbird art provides an easy way to bring a little bit of their serenity indoors!

The selection of songbird gifts includes homeware, kitchenware and an astonishing range of songbird prints.