We are pleased to announce that British wildlife artist Julian Friers most acclaimed UK wildlife prints are for sale. These fabulous wildlife fine art prints are from some of Julian’s personal favourite British wildlife paintings which have travelled the world and been showed at art galleries in places ranging from the middle east to the United States.

Julian’s British Wildlife prints are breath-taking, his paintings have garnered significant praise for the beautiful and realistic settings that he puts these animals in when portraying them. Julian is one of the greatest wildlife painters in Europe and has been painting with oils and gouache since he was a child. Julian’s animal prints are incredibly popular amongst fans of extremely realistic art. His bird art prints are the perfect gifts for someone that enjoys watching birds in the wild.

Julian’s stunning work is the perfect choice for someone looking for wildlife prints for the living room or wildlife prints for the kitchen. The beautiful designs will look great in any house, and you will undoubtedly enjoy gazing at them whilst appreciating the beauty of the natural world.

Julian’s fabulous British wildlife art prints are the perfect gift for someone that appreciates British wildlife. Julian has painted animals throughout the world, but he consistently says that his favourite animals to paint are within the British Isles. He enjoys travelling to remote places in the UK and Ireland and hopefully capturing glimpses of the beautiful animals that inhabit the lands in which he lives.

Julian Friers’ wildlife wall art prints showcase a variety of animals including stags, birds, Highland cows and much more, so if you are maybe looking for a few British wildlife prints for the bedroom, Julian Friers has an extensive range of animals that will look perfect adorning the walls of your room.

Treat yourself or someone you care about to artwork by one of the finest wildlife print artists in the United Kingdom and Ireland.