Wildlife Glass Chopping Boards


Are you looking for the best large glass chopping boards in the UK? Julian Friers wildlife glass cutting boards for the kitchen are the perfect addition to any stylish home. They Feature Julian’s beautiful Puffin artwork which depicts these wonderful little birds in their natural habitats.

Julian Friers is considered to be one of the finest wildlife artists in Europe and it is due to this success that he has decided to create his beautiful range of gifts which includes these beautiful, unique chopping boards. The glass that surrounds the puffin artwork really brings out the puffin chopping board’s colours which are already incredibly eye-catching and vibrant.

The artwork shows the puffins in their beautiful natural environments. Puffins are among the most beautiful birds in nature, and thousands of people make trips in the UK to see them roosting. Their beaks are vibrantly coloured, and interestingly they change colour during the year. During winter they have a considerably smaller and less colourful beak.

When designing his homeware range, Julian wanted to create products that would match his beautiful artwork in quality. This is the reason why he created tempered glass chopping boards in that they are far stronger and more heat resistant than other types of glass and will protect kitchen worktops better. The worktop savers are heat resistant to 240 degrees Celsius.

Our fabulous glass countertop protectors are the perfect gift for someone that appreciates beautiful wildlife artwork. Julian’s puffin art has been among his most popular for many years, and we are sure that his glass worktop protectors will be just as loved as his art is.