Golden Eagle Cliff Fine Art Print

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  • Fine-art prints featuring the exquisite golden eagle cliff artwork by world-famous wildlife artist Julian Friers.
  • The artwork depicts the second largest bird of prey found in the UK perched on a stone overlooking mountains. Due to their rarity, these raptor birds are now only found in some regions of Scotland.
  • The wonderful prints have been pre-mounted to allow for easy framing. The high-quality, lightly textured mount comes in a beautiful off-white shade.
  • *Please Note- Frame is not included.*


Stunning, eye-catching wildlife art prints featuring the golden eagle cliff artwork from Julian Friers British wildlife collection. The painting depicts a wonderful golden eagle resting on a rock with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains behind it. These birds like to make their nests high up in inaccessible areas, and Julian has done well to portray this in his artwork.

Our golden eagle cliff prints are a stylish addition to any room, whether its an office, living room or bedroom. The prints are also a wonderful gift for anyone that appreciates these incredible animals.


A3- Image Size: 400x300mm, Mount Size:400x500mm

A4- Image Size: 300x200mm, Mount Size:300x400mm

A5- Image Size: 200x140mm, Mount Size:240x300mm