Eagle Gifts


Are you struggling to think of great eagle gift ideas? Don’t worry our range of unique eagle gifts showcasing the fabulous artwork by wildlife Julian Friers will surely be the perfect addition to anyone’s collection.

Julian’s eagle art has been showcased in galleries throughout the world and has seen widespread praise for his beautiful depictions of the wonderful animals. It is due to this success that Julian decided to create a range of eagle art prints, kitchenware and homeware.

These fabulous birds have interested Julian since he was young, their heavy beaks and large feet present a powerful and stoic image that has reverberated through the centuries. The birds have been used as symbols of war as far back as Babylonian times. You can appreciate the powerful look of these animals when you look closely at the incredible details Julian included in his eagle prints.

Interestingly, eagles are monogamous and mate for life with their chosen partners. They use the same nest each year because they tend to nest in almost entirely inaccessible places.

Julian’s favourite eagles are the white-tailed eagles (sea eagles) and the smaller golden eagles. The white-tailed eagle saw conservationists reintroduce them to the UK with success some years ago and there are estimated to be over 500 breeding pairs of golden eagles in Britain.

So, if you are looking for the perfect gifts for eagle lovers, check out our fantastic range. If you know a guy that would love a beautiful piece of eagle wall art in his office, choose some of our brilliant eagle gifts for him and make him a happy man. Or, perhaps you are on the lookout for some eagle gifts for mum. If you are, choose some of our wonderful eagle gifts for her to have in her home.