Whitethroat Fine Art Print

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  • Fabulous fine art prints showcasing the incredible whitethroat artwork by skilled wildlife artist Julian Friers.
  • The artwork depicts a common whitethroat as it begins to take flight from amongst long, lush green grass.
  • Our prints come fitted in a lovely off-white mount allowing for them to be framed easily. The mount is very lightly textured which provides it with a genuinely premium field.
  • Print dimensions: Visible print area- W 25cm, H 19cm. Including mount W 35cm, H 28cm.


Exquisite, wildlife fine art prints depicting a lone whitethroat in all its majestic beauty. From the artwork, the first thing that you will notice is the long tail of this impressive bird which they flick rapidly as they go in and out of cover while flying. You can distinguish that it is a male in the artwork due to the grey head and white throat from which the bird gets its name.