White-tailed Eagle Scatter Cushion

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  • Wonderful, high-quality decorative scatter cushions showcasing the white-tailed eagle artwork from artist Julian birds of prey collection.
  • Each of our wonderfully crafted cushions is made from an exceedingly soft faux suede and feature Julian’s artwork one side of them.
  • Each cushion possesses a zip closure and is washable.
  • Cushions measure 42cm x 42cm.


Our cushions portray an incredibly impressive animal, the white-tailed eagle or sometimes called a sea eagle is a majestic bird. This magnificent animal is the largest bird of prey to be found in the United Kingdom and possesses a wingspan of almost 2.5m! Julian’s depiction of this bird is truly incredible with its’ giant wings on full display. The bird can be seen flying away from grass-covered cliffs and out to sea, probably in search of food.

If you have an appreciation for beautiful wildlife artwork and exceptional quality homeware, our eagle themed cushions would be the perfect choice to brighten up your bedroom, living room or office area.