Stonechat in Brambles Fine Art Print

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  • Exquisite stonechat in brambles art prints showcasing the oil painting by wildlife and nature artist Julian Friers.
  • The stonechat in brambles artwork is a fabulous portrayal of this small bird perched on some brambles against a contrasting white background.
  • Each print comes fitted with a very high-quality off-white mount which allows you to frame them easily.


The wonderful stonechat in brambles artwork depicts this small bird perched on brambles covered in purple berries. From the artwork you can tell that this robin-size4d bird is a male due to it possessing a black head which the females do not have. The bird also has a beautiful orange chest which contrasts beautifully with the white background of the artwork. Interestingly these birds got their name from how they sound in that their call sounds like two stones being tapped against one another.

Out stonechat in brambles prints are a tremendous addition to any office environment, bedroom or living room and would be the showpiece of any room. The artwork is exquisite and would make for an exceptional gift for any true lover of wildlife.