Stag Lake Coaster

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  • Magnificently illustrated stag-themed individual coasters featuring the stag lake artwork from Julian Friers’ British and Irish wildlife collections.
  • Julian Friers’ coasters are expertly crafted and very high-quality. They are made from hardboard and possess cork backings which make them anti-slip and prevents damage to furniture surfaces.
  • Coasters are heat resistant to 100°C/212F
  • Coasters measure 10.5cm x 10.5cm


Exquisitely designed individual coaster featuring the incredible artwork by wildlife artist Julian Friers. The stag lake artwork is from Julian’s British and Irish wildlife collections and portrays this incredible animal gazing out over a beautiful lake. The view is simply awe-inspiring with the beauty of the British Isles on full display. The glassy lake stretches to the bottom of the vast mountains, and it would seem that the stag is pausing to take in the incredible sight.

If you happen to love wildlife artwork, our beautiful stag coasters are the perfect choice for you. The quality of the coasters, combined with the stunning artwork, would make for a wonderful addition to your office or home.