Short Eared Owl Scatter Cushion

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  • Fabulous individual scatter cushions featuring the fan favourite short eared owl decorative scatter cushion from artist Julian Friers’ owl collection.
  • Our exquisite cushions possess Julian’s fabulous artwork on one side of them and are finely crafted from an exceedingly soft Faux Suede.
  • The cushion possesses a zip closure and is washable.
  • Cushion measures 42cm x 42cm.


Fantastic decorative cushions showcasing the stunningly beautiful short eared owl artwork by world-renowned artist Julian Friers. The artwork depicts a short-eared owl sometimes referred to as a “shortie” taking flight over a small, picturesque cottage in a British rural setting. You are perhaps wondering as to why the bird would be flying during the daytime, but this breed of owl prefers to be out during the daytime. In the background of the artwork, large imposing mountains can be seen and the sun is showering the cottage roof with a golden colour.

Julian’s decorative short eared owl cushions would no doubt be a tremendous addition to your homeware collection. The cushion would add an extra layer of style to an office room, bedroom or living room.