Seabird Table Mat Set

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  • Set of 6 beautiful table mats featuring artwork from artist Julian Friers’ Seabird collection.
  • The table mats are made from hardboard and have a cork backing to prevent slipping and damage to furniture surfaces.
  • Table mats are heat resistant to 100°C/212F
  • Table mats measure 29cm x 21.5cm


Set of 6 placemats portraying Oyster Catchers, Puffins and Gannets in beautiful coastal regions throughout the British Isles.

The puffin colonies in the artwork can be seen resting at the edge of cliffs and flying out to sea in search of food.

The Gannets and the Oyster Catchers are flying out at sea, braving the rough waves beneath them. The waves can be seen crashing over the rocks and creating a spray that is reaching up as high as the birds are flying.

The table mat set would be an excellent addition to any dining room table. The wonderful designs will surely catch the eye of anyone with a love of nature and beautiful artwork.