Seabird Coaster Set

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  • Set of 6 coasters featuring the stunning artworks from the Julian Friers’ seabird collection.
  • The coasters are made from hardboard and have a cork backing to prevent slipping and damage to furniture surfaces.
  • Coasters are heat resistant to 100°C/212F
  • Coasters measure 10.5cm x 10.5cm


Set of 6 beautiful seabird coasters portraying Puffins, Oyster Catchers and Gannets in their stunning natural environments.

The Puffins, sometimes nicknamed the clowns of the sea, can be seen perched on beautiful cliffs overlooking the water below and gliding effortlessly over the crashing waves.

The Oyster Catchers and Gannets artworks depict the birds circling overhead as the powerful waves crash beneath them. The yellow heads of the Gannets contrast beautifully with the deep blue waves beneath them.

The coaster set is a wonderful addition to any wildlife lover’s collection and will surely draw the eye of nature and art lovers alike.