Scottish Wildcat Fine Art Print

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  • Wonderful Scottish wildcat prints portraying the incredible painting by wildlife artist Julian Friers. The artwork comes from Julian’s fantastic range depicting wildlife found within the British Isles.
  • Julian’s Scottish wildcat art is an impressive portrayal of one of the most beautiful and unique animals that can be found within the UK.
  • The prints are mounted in a high-quality off-white mount which allows for easy framing. The mount also possesses a wonderful light texturing.


Incredibly beautiful fine art Scottish wildcat prints depicting this incredible animal in its natural habitat. European wildcats are unfortunately critically endangered, so their portrayal in art is essential so that more people are made aware of this stunning animal. The artwork shows the cat walking through the grass during the last light of the day. In the background, you can see bare trees and dark clouds.

Our premium-quality prints are the perfect choice for someone looking for Scottish wildcat gifts. The amazing artwork would be a great addition to any office, living room or bedroom.