Scottish Wildcat Coaster

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  • Fabulous individual coasters beautifully illustrated with the Scottish wildcat artwork from artist Julian Friers’ wildly popular British wildlife range.
  • Our beautiful coasters are crafted from hardboard with a cork backing to prevent them from slipping or scraping your furniture.
  • Coasters are heat resistant to 100°C/212F
  • Coasters measure 10.5cm x 10.5cm


Individual coaster featuring the incredible Scottish wildcat artwork by world-famous wildlife artist Julian Friers. The painting depicts one of the rarest and sadly, most endangered animals in the United Kingdom. The Scottish wildcat art shows the cat carefully creeping out from the edge of woodland into the grass. The solid stripes and tabby patterning is on full display, and it is majestic.

Julian’s fantastic coasters are the perfect choice for anyone looking for European wildcat gifts. The outstanding design is a fantastic depiction of this rare animal and will undoubtedly be an excellent addition to a coffee table in any stylish home.