Red Stag Lake Fine Art Print

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  • Fine art prints featuring the original red stag lake oil painting from wildlife and nature artist Julian Friers’ fan-favourite collection depicting these beautiful animals.
  • The artwork portrays a red stag looking out over a stunning Highland lake. The impressiveness of Julian’s artistry is simply mesmerising.
  • Our prints come fitted in a lovely off-white mount allowing for them to be framed easily. The mount is very lightly textured which provides it with an exceptionally premium feel.
  • Print dimensions: Visible print area- W 25cm, H 19cm. Including mount W 35cm, H 28cm.


Fabulous, mounted art prints depicting a male red deer in a traditional Highland landscape. The animal’s deep red- brown coat can be seen signifying that it is the summer months. The stag’s large antlers are also shown which they use for fighting with other males during the breeding season. The backdrop is truly breath-taking with the almost glass-looking lake mirroring the fog-covered mountain in the background.

Our premium-quality stag prints would be a tremendous gift for anyone that appreciates wildlife or Highland artwork.