Puffins Roosting China Mug

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  • Fantastically illustrated china mugs displaying the puffins roosting artwork from Julian Friers’ puffin collection.
  • Our individual mugs are a beautiful gift for all occasions.
  • The mugs are crafted from high-quality bone china and possess a fantastic warm glow and degree of translucency which reflects the incredible quality of the mug.
  • The mugs hold approximately 0.3L and are microwave and dishwasher safe.


Exquisitely designed puffin themed china mugs featuring the puffins roosting artwork. The artwork depicts a colony of puffins resting on a beautifully lush cliff’s edge. These incredible birds can be seen in all their glory with their beautiful, brightly coloured beaks catching your eye every time to look at one of the mugs. In the background, you can see more puffins gracefully gliding above the crystal blue waters beneath them.

If you are on the lookout for a beautiful puffin mug, then look no further. Julian’s beautiful mugs would be the perfect addition to any puffin lover’s collection. The incredible artwork, in combination with the quality of the mugs makes them truly a sight to behold.