Puffins in Flight China Mug

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  • Wonderfully illustrated bone china mug showcasing the puffins in flight artwork from wildlife artist Julian Friers’ puffin collection.
  • Julian’s incredible mugs are the perfect gift for all occasions.
  • Each of our mugs is skilfully crafted from high-quality china and possesses an astonishing degree of translucency which is only present in the highest of quality of china.
  • The mugs are fully microwave and dishwasher safe. They hold approximately 0.3L.


A marvellously designed bone china mug featuring the incredible puffins in flight artwork. The artwork depicts a colony of puffins gliding gracefully over the tops of high waves. The beautiful puffins are excellently portrayed with their colourful beaks brilliantly contrasting the turquoise waves beneath them.

The mugs are a beautiful addition to anyone’s puffin collection. The beautiful artwork, in combination with the quality of the mugs makes them the perfect gift for a puffin lover