Pheasants in Bluebells Scatter Cushion Covers

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  • Strikingly beautiful pheasants in bluebells scatter cushion cover showcasing on of artist Julian Friers’ most famous artworks. The original painting is from Julian’s incredibly popular gamebird range.
  • Each of our scatter cushions covers are skilfully crafted from high-quality faux suede and are incredibly soft to the touch. The cushions possess Julian’s impressive artwork on one side of them.
  • Each cushion possesses a zip closure and is washable.
  • Cushions measure 42cm x 42cm.

This exquisite scatter cushion cover showcases artist Julian Friers’ stunning pheasants in bluebells artwork from his gamebird collection. The painting illustrates two beautiful pheasants amongst a sea of bluebells. The male pheasant is standing proudly on an aerial root that is protruding from the ground. The less colourful female bird can be seen standing next to one of the many thin trees in this picturesque location. The male’s colours are absolutely stunning with its rich chestnut colouring and dark green head brilliantly portrayed in Julian’s artwork.

If you are someone that enjoys superb wildlife artwork and luxurious homeware, our fantastic pheasant themed cushion would be the perfect addition to your home.