Pheasant Parkland Fine Art Print

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  • Impressive fine art prints featuring the original pheasant parkland oil painting artwork from renowned wildlife artist Julian Friers.
  • The stunning artwork depicts a beautiful male pheasant standing between three females in a stunning rural landscape.
  • Our prints come fitted in a premium-quality mount allowing for them to be easily framed.
  • *Please Note- Frame is not included.*


Exquisite, fine art wildlife prints showcasing the original pheasant parkland oil painting by world-renowned artist Julian Friers. The fabulous artwork depicts a group of pheasants in a lush green country area. The male pheasant is easily distinguished amongst the females due to his dark green head, chestnut body, and black markings.

Julian’s pheasant-themed artwork would be a great addition to any country style home. The quality of the artistry is simply unrivalled and would make for a tremendous addition to your home.


A3- Image Size: 400x300mm, Mount Size:400x500mm

A4- Image Size: 300x200mm, Mount Size:300x400mm

A5- Image Size: 200x140mm, Mount Size:240x300mm