Peregrine Swooping Fine Art Print

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  • Stunningly beautiful fine art prints featuring the original peregrine swooping oil painting from nature and wildlife artist Julian Friers.
  • The peregrine swooping artwork is a fantastic depiction of this mighty falcon beautifully illustrated against a white background.
  • Our prints come pre-mounted in an incredibly high-quality mount which allows for you to frame them very easily. The mount has a light texturing and comes in a luxurious egg-shell white.
  • *Please Note- Frame is not included.*


Exquisite wildlife prints depicting a majestic peregrine falcon swooping downwards. This powerful falcon’s blueish-grey wings and back can be seen in the artwork, but the bird’s stripped breast is on full display for us to appreciate. These amazing falcons can eat medium-sized birds such as a duck or pigeon, making them formidable birds of prey.

If you are on the lookout for a beautiful piece of artwork to add to your office, kitchen, bedroom or living room, Julian Friers’ peregrine swooping artwork is a perfect choice.


A3- Image Size: 400x300mm, Mount Size:400x500mm

A4- Image Size: 300x200mm, Mount Size:300x400mm

A5- Image Size: 200x140mm, Mount Size:240x300mm