Highland Cattle River Cushion Covers

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  • Cushion Cover Only
  • Individual, decorative scatter cushion covers displaying the stunning Highland cattle river artwork by skilled wildlife artist Julian Friers.
  • Our cushions covers are made from a high-quality faux suede which makes them incredibly soft. The cushions feature Julian Frier’s artwork expertly printed on one side of them.
  • The cushion possesses a zip closure and is washable.
  • Cushion measures 42cm x 42cm.


For any true lover of Highland cows, wildlife artist Julian Friers’ beautiful Highland cattle river cushion covers would be the perfect addition to your collection of homeware. The fantastic artwork, coupled with the premium quality of the cushions, would indeed add a touch of style to your bedroom, living room or office.

Julian’s wonderful artwork depicts three Highland cattle near a misty river in the Highlands of Scotland. Julian’s depiction of these incredible animals is genuinely breath-taking with their long gingery coats and impressive horns on full display for us to enjoy. The animal in the foreground can be seen grazing on the grassy riverbank while the two in the background appear to be heading out into the shallows to have a drink. In the distant background, massive mountains are covered in an early morning mist which beautifully captures the unique weather of this unique location.