Highland Cattle Loch Cushion Covers

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  • Cushion Cover Only
  • Fantastic, individual decorative cushion covers featuring the Highland cattle lough artwork from wildlife artist Julian Friers’ collection depicting these incredibly beautiful animals.
  • The artwork is printed on one side of Julian’s amazing cushions covers, and they are manufactured from a wonderfully soft faux suede giving them an incredibly premium feel.
  • The cushion possesses a zip closure and is washable.
  • Cushion measures 42cm x 42cm.


If you happen to be a fan of Highland cows and are looking for something stylish to add to your homeware collection, Julian’s highland cattle loch cushion covers would be a perfect choice. The stunning artwork depicts a pair of Highland cows at a picturesque misty lough. One of the cows can be seen standing in the glassy looking lake having a drink while the one in the foreground is standing proudly displaying its large horns and dense gingery coat.

Add a touch of style to your office, living room or bedroom with Julian’s beautiful Highland cow-themed cushions. The cushions would also be an excellent gift for anyone that appreciates these animals and would like to add them to their homeware collection.