Highland Cattle China Mug

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  • Exquisitely illustrated china mug featuring the Highland cattle artwork from the Julian Friers Highland collection.
  • The mug is crafted from the highest-quality bone china which gives the mug a lovely warm look. The mug’s degree of translucency is also very high which is a trait exclusive to only top-quality China.
  • The mug is fully microwave and dishwasher safe. Holds approximately 0.3L


This bone china coffee mug featuring the Julian Friers Highland Cattle painting is certainly a favourite! The painting depicts a herd of highland cattle pushing through the heather on a remote Scottish mountainside.

While one cow stares vacantly over the vast baron landscape, the rest of the herd seems more concerned with the unexpected artist they have encountered amongst the undergrowth.

The beautiful ginger tones from the shaggy coats are striking when set against the purple and green hues of the Scottish Highlands.

If you are on the look out for the perfect highland cow coffee mug, then look no further. The exceptional artwork accompanied by the high-quality new bone china makes for a truly beautiful cup. This mug would be the perfect gift for a friend who is obsessed with highland cattle, or for those who love the Scottish Highlands.

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