Golden Eagle Scatter Cushion Covers

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    • Cushion Cover Only, No Inner Pad.
  • Wonderfully soft scatter cushion covers reproduced from artist Julian Friers’ incredible golden eagle painting. The artwork is from Julian’s world-famous British wildlife collection.
  • The cushion cover is crafted from the high-quality faux-suede and features Julian’s stunning artwork printed on one side.
  • The scatter cushion possesses a zip closure making it easily washable.
  • Cushion measures 42cm x 42cm


This stylish, wildlife scatter cushion cover features artwork depicting one of the most beautiful birds that can be found soaring through the skies above Scotland. The artwork portrays this large eagle standing proudly with its incredible golden-brown colouring on full display. From this angle, you can really see why these birds are such efficient hunters, their razor-sharp talons combined with the sharp, hooked beak is perhaps why these animals are so mesmerising to look at.

Our golden eagle cushions would be an impressive addition to any stylish living room or bedroom. The cushion would certainly be a showpiece in any home. If you happen to be on the lookout for golden eagle gifts, Julian’s fabulous cushions would be a perfect choice.