Burrowing Owl Fine Art Print

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  • Stunning burrowing owl prints featuring the original oil painting from artist Julian Friers’ fan-favourite owl collection.
  • The burrowing owl artwork is a fabulous depiction on this incredible bird standing against a white background.
  • Each print comes fitted with a very high-quality off-white mount which allows you to frame them easily.
  • *Please Note- Frame is not included.*


    Wonderful burrowing owl art prints from world-renowned wildlife artist Julian Friers. The artwork depicts this small owl standing against a completely white background which allows us to appreciate the beauty of the bird. The owl possesses long legs, and its feathers are a light bright brown with white spots dotted across them. Interestingly unlike other types of owl where the females are generally larger than the males, the burrowing owl males are bigger. These cute little owls get their name from their unique nesting habits of having their homes in burrows.

    For any true lover of owls and their unique beauty, out burrowing owl prints would undoubtedly be a great addition to your home.


    A3- Image Size: 400x300mm, Mount Size:400x500mm

    A4- Image Size: 300x200mm, Mount Size:300x400mm

    A5- Image Size: 200x140mm, Mount Size:240x300mm