Barn Owl Scatter Cushion

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  • Individual decorative cushions showcasing the wildly popular barn owl sunset artwork from artist Julian Friers’ owl collection.
  • The Fabulous cushions come with Julian’s incredible artwork printed on one side of them. The cushions are manufactured from premium quality faux suede.
  • The cushion possesses a zip closure and is washable.
  • Cushion measures 42cm x 42cm.


Exquisitely designed and crafted decorative cushions featuring the barn owl sunset artwork which depicts this amazing owl gliding during the last light of the day. You can see the bird’s beautiful heart-shaped face and a white underbelly. The bird is likely waiting for darkness to descend for it to go out hunting.

For fans of these incredible birds of prey, Julian’s incredible cushion would undoubtedly make for an impressive addition to your bedroom, living room or office. Indeed an exceptional addition to anyone’s homeware collection.