Water Bird and Fresh Water Bird Gifts


Water birds are birds that live near or on freshwater. These animals are particularly impressive due to their incredible adaptation to living in these aquatic environments. Wildlife artist Julian Friers recognises that and appreciates the unique beauty that they possess. It is because of this reason that Julian decided to create a range of water bird art.

Some of the most beautiful wildlife sightings have taken place in the UK’s wetlands. Huge flocks of birds gather in these areas during winter and Julian regularly visits them to draw inspiration for his incredible artwork.

Julian’s water bird paintings have been showcased in many art galleries throughout the world and garnered much praise for their incredible realism in both the portrayal of the animals and the beautiful backgrounds that were included in his artwork.

Our range includes water bird prints, homeware and kitchenware that will surely be the perfect gift for someone that appreciates wildlife art.

Our water bird gifts showcase many of the most popular water birds that can be seen in the UK and Ireland. These include ducks, geese kingfishers and dippers.