Trying to think of excellent stag gift ideas? Look no further, Julian Friers has created the best deer gifts in the UK. Julian friers Stag art is considered to be among the best artwork depicting these beautiful animals. Julian has been praised for his ultra-realism and beautiful landscapes which has become a key component to his success as a wildlife oil painter. We believe that his fabulous range contains the best gifts for Stag lovers that can be found in the UK.

Julian’s range of stag artwork has been showcased in art galleries throughout the world. His appreciation for these majestic creatures is perhaps why he decided to design and create a variety of stag presents and giftware. Julian wanted to share the love he has for these beautiful animals with people that appreciate their impressive qualities and can appreciate his beautiful deer themed presents.

The red deer is the most abundant breed of deer in the UK. The stags have incredible branching antlers that gradually increase in size as they get older. Typically the more dominant a male is, the more points he will have on his antlers. These awe-inspiring animals possess some of the most beautiful coats that can come in many varieties of red. As winter begins to close in, their layers will become more grey allowing for them to blend in easier to their environments at different times of the year. Julian captures this in his deer artwork with grey patches being shown on the red deer.

Finding gifts for deer lovers is no easy task, luckily Julian Frier's brilliant range of stag themed presents should be perfect for someone that has a strong affection for these animals. Maybe you have a special man in your life that loves these animals, choose some stag gifts for him from our excellent range of deer art.

Julian’s artwork has also been very popular amongst women with many of them enjoying the peaceful rural setting that Julian uses in his deer artwork. If you have a special lady in your life, why not pick up a few stag gifts for her birthday or Christmas.