Are you searching for beautiful coastal-bird gifts? Wildlife artist Julian Friers has designed a range of seabird gifts featuring his fabulous artwork which has been displayed in art galleries throughout the world. Our range of Coastal seabird art prints, homeware, kitchenware and stationery was designed by one of the greatest seabird artists in the UK.

Julian’s seabird artwork has been amongst his most popular for many years. His artwork has been described as ultra-realistic and at times praised for its photo-realism.

Seabirds are birds that have adapted to live in a marine environment. Generally, these types of birds live longer than other species of birds and much fewer young. Seabirds tend to nest in colonies and invest much more time in their young compared to other birds. Seabirds have a very long history with humans in that they guided fishermen to where the fish where and they also helped lead sailors to land. Julian’s portrayal of the seabirds of Ireland and the UK also shows the rough seas that these animals have adapted to deal with.

We stock a wide array of coastal bird prints that would surely be the perfect gift for someone that appreciates these beautiful animals. In addition to our prints, we also have a selection of homeware and kitchenware that feature his beautiful British coastal seabird artwork.