Welcome to the new Julian Friers puffin gift collection!

Trust us; we know how much these comical little birds are adored by wildlife fans all over the world!

So, Julian decided to turn a selection of his favourite puffin paintings into this beautiful range of homeware and puffin bird gifts.

Julian's fabulous puffin artwork has been exhibited in art galleries throughout the world garnering praise for its incredible realism, and beautiful colouring.  It was due to the popularity of the artwork that Julian decided to produce a selection of high-quality puffin gifts and accessories.

It is not hard to see why this stunning animal has become such a popular figure. The puffin's hallmark is its large colourful beak, or bill, which has led to it being given the nickname sea parrot! The colours in the beak are at their most vibrant during the breeding season when It is vital to attract a mate. Once the breeding season is out of the way, the beak is shed and replaced with one that is not quite so colourful!

Funnily enough, many people ask can puffins fly? Well, the answer is yes, most definitely yes. These impressive birds can fly at up to 90km per hour! This allows them to get to and from their ocean fishing grounds in an instant!

Julian's puffin art capture these birds in a variety of their natural habitats. The land-based scenes feature the huge puffin colonies found along the imposing coastal sea cliffs of the Atlantic, while the ocean paintings show the group soaring over the crashing waves. The stunning collection provides a glimpse at both the serene and dangerous aspects of the puffin's life!