Pheasant Gifts


Just about everyone can appreciate the stunning beauty of these birds. The male pheasants possess beautiful chestnut and golden markings throughout their bodies and a fabulous green face. Funnily enough, these birds are not actually native to Britain; they were thought to have been brought by the Romans or the Normans and became a familiar sight by the 15th century. It is due to their beauty that Julian decided to create a range of pheasant art and pheasant-themed gifts so that people can enjoy these wonderful animals as much as he does.

Julian considers himself to be one of the greatest pheasant artists in Europe with many of artworks being showcased in galleries throughout the world. His Pheasant gifts all feature his fabulous artwork.

Interestingly, these intelligent birds can be prompted to crow by loud noises such as thunder. They are also very sensitive to vibrations preceding earthquakes, and there have been instances where cocks have been seen crowing excessively before an earthquake happens. Sadly, these beautiful animals rarely ever die from old age. The average lifespan of a pheasant is only one year due to it being a prey species.

Are you struggling to come up with great pheasant gift ideas? Julian’s artwork makes for the perfect pheasant presents for birders or wildlife lovers. People who appreciate the beautiful qualities of this bird will surely enjoy one of our pheasant art prints or something from our homeware and kitchenware ranges.