If you’re struggling to think of excellent owl gift ideas, we have a treat for you! Julian Friers’ fabulous owl artwork has finally been transformed into a beautiful range of giftware. With a variety of owl homeware, kitchenware and art prints to choose from, you will find something to please the owl fan out there.
Each aspect of an owl’s majestic appearance serves a practical purpose. The disproportionately large eyes which allow them to see clearly in the dark, are actually tube-shaped! The shape means that an owl cannot move its eyes. To compensate, its head can swivel nearly in a full circle, allowing it to track its prey!
Even with their impressive eyesight, owls also rely heavily on their advanced hearing to hunt!  They have a funny quirk where one of their ears is set a little higher than the other one so that they can triangulate exactly where noises are coming from in the dark.
It is this unique appearance and their astounding hunting capabilities that make these birds a common subject in Julian’s artwork.
There is a wide variety of owl art designs available in the Julian Friers wildlife range. The collection portrays a variety of owl species including barn owls, snowy owls and burrowing owls. Given the nocturnal nature of this bird, most of the paintings depict night scenes. The astounding realism Julian is able to capture makes the collection perfect for owl present ideas.
Maybe you have a special woman in your life that has a fondness for these brilliant animals; we stock an excellent range of owl gifts for girls or even owl gifts for mum.
Perhaps you have an important man in your life that enjoys birding, pick up some of Julian’s beautiful owl gifts for him. With our extensive range of products, choosing the perfect owl presents for him has never been easier!
Let Julian Friers take all the work out of picking the perfect gifts for owl lovers
Julian’s owl giftware range includes; little owls, burrowing owls, barn owls, short-eared owls and snowy owls.