If you or a loved one is Highland cow mad, then let our Highland cattle gifts take you on a journey to their homeland in the rugged Highlands of Scotland.

Our range of eye-catching Highland cow gifts features the fabulous artwork by world-famous wildlife artist Julian Friers. Julian’s Highland cow paintings have been exhibited in art galleries across the world, garnishing praise for the incredible detail depicted and stunning Celtic landscapes. Due to the overwhelming popularity of Julian’s Highland cattle paintings, it was clear that they must be a stalwart in the new homeware, giftware and stationery range!

These unique and loveable cows are the oldest recorded breed in the world! Originally, the cows were mostly black in colour, but this changed to the ginger coat we see today due to selective breeding in the Victorian era. Scottish Highland cows do still come in a variety of eye-catching colours though! Their iconic shaggy coats and long horns have won these handsome animals admiration from across the world. However, these unique features are not only to please the fans! The dense undercoats and long fringes help keep the “Heilan coos“ stay warm during those freezing winters in the Scottish Highlands. As for their large horns, they are used to clear the fallen snow, allowing the highland cow to graze the ground underneath.

So, if you are struggling to find great Highland cow gift ideas, choose from Julian’s range of beautifully crafted gifts for Highland cow lovers. Combine world-class artwork with a high-quality product, and the result is what we believe to be the best Highland cow gifts in the UK. So, whether you call them shaggy cows, heilan coos, long-haired Highland cows…or just highland cows, we can offer the perfect highland cow gift for him, and for her!