Birds of prey are considered some of the most efficient hunters in the animal kingdom. These impressive animals hunt and feed on vertebrates that are of a substantial size compared to the birds themselves. Julian Friers is considered to be an extremely distinguished bird of prey artist throughout Europe. He has worked with conservation groups in many countries. Julian appreciates both their beauty and incredible hunting abilities and has created a wide array of birds of prey artwork.

Much of his birds of prey art has been showcased in art galleries throughout the world, and he has garnered praise for his beautiful depictions of some of the most impressive animals on earth.

Julian tends to focus on birds that can be found within the UK and Ireland, and he has shown a profound interest in the conservation efforts of these animals. Unfortunately, birds such as the white-tailed eagle went extinct in the UK during the early 20th century, but in recent years reintroductions in Scotland have seen these birds return to what they would have once called their home. Julian hopes that by portraying these majestic animals in his artwork and by designing white-tailed eagle gifts, he can generate an interest in these incredible animals. Much of our eagle artwork for sale features these animals in beautiful locations which really adds to the beauty of the overall paintings.

Generally, birds of prey are extremely valuable indicators of the health of an environment. If these birds are thriving, it generally acts as a marker that the rest of the food chain below them is healthy. During the 1950s, the decline in the number of birds of prey such as peregrines acted as an alert to the damaging impact of certain pesticides.

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